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  • GigaOM Report: Nasuni Real- World Use Cases and Analysis
    Customers Report Operational Efficiencies and Savings Across the Board Nasuni offers a cloud-native, SaaS solution for enterprise file services, with an object-based global file system in the back end and familiar file interfaces, including SMB and NFS, in the front end. It integrates with all major public cloud providers and […]
  • Leveraging Conversational AI to Automate Customer Service in the Utilities Sector
    Utilities are something consumers often don’t think about or interact with until their service is interrupted. At that point, their need for help is urgent. In widespread outages, utilities are dealing with thousands of people who all have that same urgency.Automated, proactive customer support can improve utility public relations and […]
  • Revolutionizing the Finance and Banking Industry With Conversational AI
    How banks and financial institutions deal with customers underwent a seismic shift, with customers demanding remote service and branches, and physical locations giving way to self-service kiosks and automated systems. Today’s banking and finance customers want to be able to access information and be offered personalized services, without needing to […]
  • Transforming IT Service Desk Through Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation
    Information technology (IT) is critical to company operations across almost all industries. The intersection of computer devices with technology and connectivity is the backbone of communication and commerce. IT and related verticals are increasingly benefitting from the latest in artificial intelligence (AI). Customer-centric IT companies can leverage AI to create […]
  • Strengthening Customer Service in the Travel and Hospitality Industry With Conversational AI
    The travel and hospitality verticals took a beating during the pandemic, but are slowly rallying. In a post-COVID-19 world, contactless service is becoming the accepted norm, and travelers are lining up to book hotels, change flights, and arrange car rentals with more agility than ever. Self-service options are becoming more […]
  • Redefining Customer Service in the Telecommunications Industry With Conversational AI
    The telecommunications vertical can experience some of the heaviest customer churn rates of any industry, and can struggle with customer perception of both the quality of services they provide and their level of customer care. Creating high-quality customer experiences will be a major differentiator in the years ahead. Leveraging AI […]
  • Conversational AI for Consumer Goods: Embracing A New Era of Customer Experience
    The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is rapidly evolving and innovating to meet consumers’ new and heightened expectations. There is a renewed interest in enhancing buyer experience by accommodating dynamic consumer preferences for communication. There is also an increased reliance on online and omnichannel as a means of reaching and […]
  • Unlocking Exceptional Customer Service in the Insurance Industry With Conversational AI
    The way insurance is marketed, underwritten, and sold is changing swiftly. Thanks to the Internet of Things, data is continually streaming toward insurer databases, helping them make decisions faster and more profitably.  The ways in which consumers interact with insurers to buy policies, change policies, and make claims has also […]
  • Leveraging Technology to Re-write the Rules of the Medical Supplies Industry
    As the healthcare supply industry experiences a rapid disruption, players in this market face many challenges: increasing pressure to meet customer demand, adjusting to constant regulatory changes, and differentiating their offerings in a hyper-competitive market.  The question now is, what can members of the healthcare supply industry do to rise […]