Revolutionizing the Finance and Banking Industry With Conversational AI

How banks and financial institutions deal with customers underwent a seismic shift, with customers demanding remote service and branches, and physical locations giving way to self-service kiosks and automated systems. Today’s banking and finance customers want to be able to access information and be offered personalized services, without needing to […]

Conversational AI for Consumer Goods: Embracing A New Era of Customer Experience

Conversational AI for Consumer Goods_ Embracing A New Era of Customer Experience

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is rapidly evolving and innovating to meet consumers’ new and heightened expectations. There is a renewed interest in enhancing buyer experience by accommodating dynamic consumer preferences for communication. There is also an increased reliance on online and omnichannel as a means of reaching and […]

Personalization Playbook: Lifecycle Mapping

Whether your brand uses storyboards, the design thinking process or intuition to build out its customer lifecycle map, that process is only valuable to your marketing and sales teams. After all, no customer ever thinks to themselves that they’re in the “awareness” stage of a brand-centric journey.  In this white […]

RetailX Germany 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

2020 brought a lot of change and accelerated digital transformation initiatives for Ecommerce businesses across Europe, especially in Germany. You may be wondering how to adapt your marketing in Germany today. If that’s the case read the “Germany 2021 Ecommerce Region Report” by RetailX and Iterable. It deep dives into […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Slack For Sales Teams

For sales teams, the pressure to swarm leads and close deals is intense. Thankfully Slack can help. With Slack, teams not only speed up sales cycles, they win more deals. These benefits ladder up to top-line growth and bottom-line savings. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of […]

Choosing a collaboration platform: 8 questions every IT leader should ask

Since collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, improving it delivers real productivity gains across the whole enterprise. For companies trying to increase agility, better collaboration has become an urgent priority – a way to reduce the organizational drag that kills innovation and responsiveness. That’s what […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Slack For Service Teams

Switching to a new software solution can be a tough business decision. But, more importantly, it can also be a good business decision. To help organizations decide if Slack is right for them, we commissioned the trusted market researchers of Forrester to assess the economic impact of Slack.They conducted a […]