How to transition security to the cloud in 2021

Securing your enterprise is no longer just about securing the network. Digital transformation, distributed workplaces, cloud migration, cloud based apps — these sweeping changes have transformed security. Your challenge is deciphering the buzz from the facts. Not all cloud security solutions are created equal. You’ll want to look for a […]

Top cybersecurity trends 2021: Trojans and droppers

Trojans themselves never stopped being popular — they’ve been a proven, tried-and-true attack methodology for years. Trojans are now being reused in new ways, as part of an orchestrated effort in multi-staged attacks. Find out how they are shaking up the threat landscape during the global pandemic. Learn about why […]

Clinicians & Patients First HP Healthcare Print Solutions

Empowering a system of care that places you and your patients at the center of the solution. At HP, our healthcare solutions are designed with clinicians and patients at the center of every innovation. We believe technology should feel invisible, so you can focus on the lives and wellness that’s […]

Create A Solid Healthcare Security Position

Given the wealth of sensitive personal data that healthcare organizations process and store, it’s no surprise that hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare organizations are prime targets for cybercrime. As attacks get more sophisticated and the consequences of a breach more severe, hardening security across the operation becomes imperative. Fortunately, […]

Running Apache Kafka® in 2021: A Cloud-Native Service

You know the value of Apache Kafka® and real-time data to your business. But you also know how costly and time consuming managing Kafka is to your team and your organization. Having your best people buried in Kafka ops holds you back from driving innovation and business differentiation. If you […]

A Step-by-step Playbook: Convert Your Parts To Additive Manufacturing

As the technology, materials, and knowledge around additive manufacturing improve, so do the benefits of making end-use parts with additive technologies. While many companies are excited to get started with additive, it can be difficult without a comprehensive guide to the part conversion process. [email-download download_id=”4699″ contact_form_id=”190″]

The Ultimate CNC Machining Design For Manufacturing Checklist

Designing for manufacturability accelerates the CNC machining process, reduces operating costs, elevates energy efficiency, and helps product teams create clean, functional parts. In this guide, we’ve compiled eight common DFM considerations that should remain top-of-mind when designing parts for CNC machining [email-download download_id=”4690″ contact_form_id=”190″]

How to Hire a Virtual Customer Support Team

Now that 2020 proved people can work remotely and still get amazing work done, customer support and service leaders are making the remote trend permanent. According to a Gartner survey from 2020, 80% plan to increase work from home programs. But they’re not all doing it for the reasons you […]

Invest in the Right Intranet

In this era of digital work, the intranet has re-emerged as the primary tool for communicating, collaborating, and sharing knowledge across an organization. Not to mention, connecting employees from across offices and continents and rallying them around the same cause: driving your business objectives forward. This guide will provide advice […]