Tres maneras en que la alineación de ventas y marketing reduce los costes

Descubre cómo alinear las ventas y el marketing con un sistema integrado que comparta datos y conocimientos puede generar un perfil de comprador más preciso y reducir los costes mediante: La reducción del coste de adquisición de clientes. La alineación de los informes para reducir gastos innecesarios. La automatización de tareas administrativas y la reducción […]

8 Key Roles to Fill on Your Marketing Team

Marketing as an industry is changing, and the traditional concepts of marketing teams and roles are changing with it. Marketers used to work in highly divided operations, but a new pattern is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, full-time workers and independent professionals collaborate in a more flexible marketing operation as part of a growing trend toward […]

6 Necessary Steps for Building a Remote Marketing Team


When the novel coronavirus began to spread rapidly around the world and forced businesses to transition to online, it caused a massive shift in how organizations approach work. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of Americans currently work from home, and over a third of managers have reported that their workers […]

Talent Solution for Fast- Changing Times

Experts predict that as the economy recovers, businesses who stand out from the crowd and drive revenue at scale will become the new market leaders. And businesses are leaning on data marketing to provide a clear path. Advancing to the front requires getting so granular with data that you gain a clear understanding of what […]

The State of Social Media Marketing: Facebook vs. Instagram in 2021

Marketers, are you sure to have the most up-to-date understanding of Facebook or Instagram? As both platforms evolve their features, consumer behaviors shift, and most marketers adjust their strategies in response. One of the reasons? The landscape of both paid and organic social on either platform is constantly changing.This report combines Facebook and Instagram data […]

2020 B2B Marketing Trends Report

According to a McKinsey report, 96% of B2B decision-makers say they have shifted the way they do business as digital channels become the default approach. B2B marketers are keeping up with this shift, with 59% saying their sales and marketing organizations are performing well given global circumstances. But marketers today cannot rest easy. They still […]

The B2B Marketer’s Guide To Scrappy Marketing

As marketers, we’re pushed for time to achieve our goals—and we rarely have the budget or resources we would love to have. But with a scrappy mindset, we don’t let that limit our ambitions. Instead, we embrace the challenge and look for creative ways to drive results quickly. So how can you make moves to […]

B2B Marketer’s Guide To Account Based Marketing

What’s account-based marketing all about? How can webinars help your program? A quick glance at The Webinerd’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing will lay bare why ABM is taking off — again — what it means for marketers moving forward and how webinars can act as the accelerant to any ABM program.

Zero Trust for the Endpoint: Illumio Edge

With remote work, the home office has effectively become a local, unmonitored extension of the corporate network – with more risk and less visibility or control. In this ActualTech Media Ecocast, see how Zero Trust for the endpoint with Illumio Edge helps IT quickly parse activity and contain ransomware by default, with Illumio Director of […]

The 8 Commandments for Driving Growth with Automated Personalization

In a world where responsive, dynamic, personalized marketing is increasingly the norm, marketers should make automated cross- channel, behavior-triggered messages a central tactic of every campaign. In this guide, you will learn: 1.How a focused segmentation strategy can result in a 5 to 20x increase in conversion rates. 2.How cross-channel experimentation capabilities drove up to […]