The Secure Enterprise Starts with Zero

The Secure Enterprise Starts with Zero

Digital transformation can only help your business achieve its strategic goals—sustainable competitive advantage, market leadership, new business models, revenue opportunities, and more—if you have a secure foundation. Yet, the technologies that make transformation possible —cloud, mobility, SaaS, Internet of Things (IoT), and others— can also significantly increase the risk of damaging cyberattacks. The traditional corporate perimeter simply can’t keep your organization safe in a cloud-first world, where users, applications and data are everywhere, all of which exponentially increase your attack surface. Legacy approaches to security are inadequate in modern cloud environments, resulting in increased complexity, cost, and operational overhead, creating roadblocks and speed bumps that delay transformation. That’s why businesses must transform security and make it the foundation for their company’s digital transformation. Success starts with security and security starts with zero. We’ll show you how.

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