From prototype to production: fast track IOT adoption with secure and seamless connectivity

The rollout of 5G, with speeds 10 times faster than 4G, will boost IoT adoption across homes, businesses and cities. However, widespread IoT adoption requires manufacturers to offer consumers and businesses with reliable and secure products that they can trust. We offer the science and expertise to guide manufacturers of connected devices through product launch, […]

10 things you need to know for a successful smart home product launch

Smart home applications continue to evolve as IoT technology matures. Your smart home device can stand out from the competition by meeting consumer expectations regarding connectivity and security and regulatory needs. Read this checklist to find out how UL can help you meet safety and technical requirements for a successful launch.

How fertility benefits can save your company money

Since Facebook and Apple first introduced fertility preservation benefits to their employees in 2014, other employers have been quick to notice the positive impact fertility benefits can have on their workplaces. Many of the benefits are clear — employees are asking for them, they help attract and retain talent, and they help promote diversity and […]

Employer guide to LGBTQ+ inclusive fertility benefits

As LGBTQ+ rights have expanded in the U.S., interest in pursuing parenthood has grown, too. Sixty-three percent of LGBTQ+ millennials plan to start or grow their family. Transgender survey respondents are just as likely to be interested in expanding their families as their cisgender peers. But despite progress made in some areas of life for […]

Anticiper le monde de demain: L’avenir de la collaboration et de la productivité

Après une année post-pandémie, les discussions portant sur le monde professionnel de demain se sont intensifiées. Même avant la COVID-19, employés, chefs d’entreprise et analystes réfléchissaient déjà à la façon de faire évoluer le monde du travail; mais avec la crise, les projets de demain sont devenus les impératifs d’aujourd’hui. Du jour au lendemain, ou […]

5 façons d’accélérer l’adoption des nouvelles normes de travail

Découvrez les 5 manières d’accélérer l’évolution vers le monde professionnel de demain : Mettre en œuvre des modèles de travail flexibles pour attirer et retenir les talents Accompagner vos employés à établir des limites et à s’épanouir professionnellement Adopter les bonnes pratiques en matière de visioconférence pour aider vos employés à rester connectés, qu’ils travaillent […]

The Road to Cloud Native Security

Understanding the 3 Essential Pillars to Cloud Native Security With many organizations now deploying cloud native applications based on micro-services, using containers, VMs and serverless functions, they are faced with new security challenges and threats. Based on Aqua’s experience with hundreds of cloud native implementations since 2016, we’ve come to the realization that any cloud […]