Mit Erfolg in die Zukunf: Moderne Tools für Zusammenarbeit und Produktivität

Unsere Arbeitswelt hat sich schneller gewandelt als gedacht Nach über einem Jahr zuvor noch die dagewesener Herausforderungen im Zuge der Pandemie, wodurch sich unsere Arbeitswelt grundlegend verändert hat, ist die Debatte um neue Arbeitsformen wieder brandaktuell.Schon vor der Pandemie haben sich Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, Führungskräfte und Analyst:innen darüber Gedanken gemacht, […]

The 2021 Vidyard Video Benchmark Report

There’s no question that 2020 was the year of video. Some organizations were well on their way to embracing a digital first approach to business before the pandemic, while others were forced to do so out of necessity. Video is a powerful medium, and its value to businesses is only […]

Composable and Connected:The Future of Commerce Platforms.

A UK market study into next-generation platform technologies, who is adopting them, and why. In partnership with Wunderman Thompson. Headless, Microservices, API-first, and Composable are widely recognized as the modern approach to platform architecture and commerce. Indeed, these technologies are the basis upon which some of the world’s most effective […]

Workflow your way to GRC Maturity

Achieving GRC Maturity requires a lot of commitment, willingness to adapt, and the right partners and technology. It’s no overnight process and takes time and effort to gain executive buy-in and implement it organization-wide. That said, the rewards are substantial. KANINI’s ServiceNow expertise in IRM and innovative integrations can help […]

How Google is doing hybrid work

The world moved to remote working out of necessity, and now, many are planning for a return to the office. What does the future of your workplace look like? At Google, we’ve set our sights on a hybrid work structure, with some days per week in the office and some […]

Set up Chrome OS devices for hybrid work

Cloud-first Chrome OS simplifies IT management, secures work environments, and keeps employees productive and connected, wherever work happens. Download our one-pager for an overview of all of the guides, webinars, demo videos, and more that we’ve created to help you quickly deploy and customize Chrome OS devices for your hybrid […]

Beyond “Workplace”: Thriving in a Boundless World with a Distributed Workforce

In this video, watch as Robert DeVito, Global Director of Customer & Partner Sales Engineering at Google teaches you how to cultivate a hybrid workforce. You’ll gain insights on:  Simplifying remote device deployment and IT management Securing work environments amid a spike in attacks and increased vulnerabilities on the inside […]

6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

In spite of the promises of modern BI, some organizations are hesitant to make a move away from their traditional platforms. To help dispel common fears and bring modern analytics to your organization, this eBook explores myths and misconceptions about migrating from traditional to modern BI, covering:  Understanding visual analysis […]