Scaling Up Your Business: The Essentials

In this Ebook, we collected a lot of detailed information about the Scaling Up methodology that the founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and Co-Founder of Growth Institute, Verne Harnish, developed: The 4 Decisions You Need to Make to Scale Up 10 Essential Tips to Scale Up Your Company […]

Why choose Red Hat for Kubernetes?

Keeping up in the modern business environment means building new applications and restructuring traditional apps to become cloud-native—all while meeting the current stream of demand. It’s an environment that requires agility and the strategic use of containers, Kubernetes, and cloud technology.  Watch this video to learn about Red Hat’s approach […]

Successful Digital Transformation Depends on Application and Data Modernization

For companies today, the cloud’s benefits of agility and speed can help create new revenue-generating products and services. Cloud can also help simplify IT environments and facilitate new approaches to managing IT. But long term and more impactful benefits to the business only happen when transformations become successful. Application Modernization […]

Rainforest Connection

Protecting Rainforests With AI and Big Data  Learn how: To protect our rainforests and environment, Rainforest Connection is working with Hitachi Vantara data scientists to create an AI-based model that predicts logging events before they actually happen.  peaker: Bourhan Yassin, COO, Rainforest Connection [email-download download_id=”11932″ contact_form_id=”190″]

Sestra’s TapWise, Providing Dispensing-as-a-Service at the Edge

Learn how Sestra Systems’ solutions extend traditional IoT use cases to provide real-time performance and touchless self-service, even in environments without access to cloud. Speaker: Ben Maphis, Vice President of Engineering, Sestra [email-download download_id=”11923″ contact_form_id=”190″]

American Heart Association

Data and the Pandemic: Advancing Health Equity Through COVID-19 Data Analysis  During this session, learn how the American Heart Association teamed up with Hitachi Vantara and blockchain experts BurstIQ to provide researchers with a co-developed Precision Medicine Platform. [email-download download_id=”11913″ contact_form_id=”190″]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Communication

Want to improve employee retention? Boost revenue? Improve workplace safety? Employee communication is the answer. When you keep your workforce in the know, you empower them to drive better business outcomes for the organization as a whole. But communicating with your frontline isn’t simple. You need a specialized approach that […]

How Effective Frontline Communication Can Deliver Tangible Outcomes

As we navigate out of these unforeseen times into a new normal, frontline organizations need to continue to support their workforce. And that support starts with the technology that enables organizations to share real- time info and collect in-the-moment feedback from their most valuable asset: their employees. In this two-part […]