RetailX Germany 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

2020 brought a lot of change and accelerated digital transformation initiatives for Ecommerce businesses across Europe, especially in Germany. You may be wondering how to adapt your marketing in Germany today. If that’s the case read the “Germany 2021 Ecommerce Region Report” by RetailX and Iterable. It deep dives into […]

Drive Business Insights and Breakthroughs with Rackspace DataOps

To move your business to the top of your industry, you need to deliver superior customer experiences, create new revenue streams and make strategic decisions faster. Today’s modern data capabilities make this possible — so you can deliver business insights that drive real innovation, speed an d flexibility.  This e-book […]

Modernise Your Cloud Data Platform

With a fully integrated data environment, your applications will get the data they need when they need it. Your team can intelligently make business and IT decisions that will drive the most value to your customers and have the greatest impact on your business’s bottom line. A customized approach to […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Slack For Sales Teams

For sales teams, the pressure to swarm leads and close deals is intense. Thankfully Slack can help. With Slack, teams not only speed up sales cycles, they win more deals. These benefits ladder up to top-line growth and bottom-line savings. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of […]

Choosing a collaboration platform: 8 questions every IT leader should ask

Since collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, improving it delivers real productivity gains across the whole enterprise. For companies trying to increase agility, better collaboration has become an urgent priority – a way to reduce the organizational drag that kills innovation and responsiveness. That’s what […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Slack For Service Teams

Switching to a new software solution can be a tough business decision. But, more importantly, it can also be a good business decision. To help organizations decide if Slack is right for them, we commissioned the trusted market researchers of Forrester to assess the economic impact of Slack.They conducted a […]