Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends of The Last Decade

As the first chapter of a new decade draws to a close one thing is clear— COVID-19 has fundamentally altered our lives. The pandemic has kicked off the grandest experiment in remote work the world has ever seen. Enterprise Technology Research survey projects that the global number of permanent remote […]

The Tech Talent Strategy for Modern Times

The current landscape is forcing technology teams to lead businesses headlong into digital transformation, as companies adapt to what global research analyst Josh Bersin describes as “an explosively fast business transformation” across the global economy. [email-download download_id=”4654″ contact_form_id=”190″]

8 Key Roles to Fill on Your Marketing Team

Marketing as an industry is changing, and the traditional concepts of marketing teams and roles are changing with it. Marketers used to work in highly divided operations, but a new pattern is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, full-time workers and independent professionals collaborate in a more flexible marketing operation as part […]

6 Necessary Steps for Building a Remote Marketing Team


When the novel coronavirus began to spread rapidly around the world and forced businesses to transition to online, it caused a massive shift in how organizations approach work. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of Americans currently work from home, and over a third of managers […]

Talent Solution for Fast- Changing Times

Experts predict that as the economy recovers, businesses who stand out from the crowd and drive revenue at scale will become the new market leaders. And businesses are leaning on data marketing to provide a clear path. Advancing to the front requires getting so granular with data that you gain […]

How to Hire a Virtual Events Team

Hosting an online event shouldn’t just be an in-person event with a webcam thrown in. Some aspects of face-to- face interaction can’t be duplicated. At the same time, going digital offers unique opportunities to learn and interact—if you can find those moments and learn to make the most of them. […]

How to Hire a Virtual Customer Support Team

Now that 2020 proved people can work remotely and still get amazing work done, customer support and service leaders are making the remote trend permanent. According to a Gartner survey from 2020, 80% plan to increase work from home programs. But they’re not all doing it for the reasons you […]

Not Just Tech


Throughout the pandemic, companies of all sizes and across many industries have faced challenges. From shifting priorities and business needs to changing budgets, many have recognized advantages of a more flexible way of working. As a result, companies even in traditional industries have turned to remote freelancers. This research report […]

Leadership Response Strategies to Changing Workforce Patterns

The global workforce was already in a period of powerful transformation when COVID-19 hit. Starting in the early 2000s, global hyper-connectivity, changing technologies, AI and machine learning, and social trends disrupted traditional models of work. The imperative for digital transformation had companies re-conceptualizing their workforce, tapping global networks of independent […]

Building Teams of Tomorrow, Today

Slowly shifting global work trends, already in play before the transformative year of 2020, accelerated at an unprecedented rate due to COVID-19, with talent management models at the forefront of this change. Post- COVID, almost 48% of employees will continue to work remotely, and just under 50% of organizations in […]