SAP Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing

146460 SAP Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing Testing is the #1 barrier to transformation success Digital Transformation requires new and innovative software to be released rapidly—and with minimal business risk. The rapid cadence of release cycles is the new normal and with it comes the need to transform enabling processes […]

7 Must-Dos for Better SAP Testing

SAP testing has been too slow, too costly, and too ineffective for too long. Modern platforms such as SAP S/4HANA and cloud-based offerings like SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, etc. take the speed of change to a new level, which raises the stakes in terms of business risk. We’ve reached a tipping […]

3 Proven Ways Enterprise IT Leaders Can Speed Up SAP Innovation

What Are You Doing To Speed Up Your SAP Initiatives? Digital transformation is all about speed. In this white paper, you will learn how to speed up your SAP projects, eliminate the pain and costs of hypercare, and deliver zero defect releases. Find out how you can achieve these benefits: […]

Recommended Tool That Can Speed Up Your Next SAP Release

SAP solutions are the digital core of modern enterprises. This puts enormous pressure on testing to ensure that changes to SAP applications don’t put business at risk. But the speed and frequency of SAP updates — combined with the breadth and complexity of SAP systems — make it challenging for […]

Do tech marketers know how to reach their buyers?

The 2021 Gartner Technology Marketing Benchmarks Survey shows that high-performing technology marketers leverage a diverse mix of marketing channels, calls to action (CTAs) and content types. To optimize conversion rates across the marketing funnel and sales pipeline, tech marketers must utilize more carefully targeted CTAs, content and marketing channels in […]

Bamboo HR Virtual Summit

Join us for the world’s largest HR virtual summit dedicated to empowering HR leaders of all levels in the organization. With the help of industry experts, authors, thought leaders, executive coaches, and visionaries, we’re giving over 45,000 attendees the tools they need to free themselves from the mundane day-to-day tactics […]

Prioritize the top cost optimization initiatives for your Public Sector IT function

Looking to cut costs? Instead identify where to reduce, protect and invest to drive mission success and efficiency. Organizations that follow a structured cost optimization program are more likely to access increased funding, and demonstrate value from their investments. The Gartner Cost Optimization Decision Framework helps you prioritize cost optimization […]

Top Technology Trends in Government for 2021

The top 10 technology trends making the biggest impact in government Analysts: Rick Howard, Bill Finnerty, Ben Kaner, Arthur Mickoleit, Michael Brown, Irma Fabular, Neville Cannon, Alia Mendonsa, Dean Lacheca, Apeksha Kaushik, Katell Thielemann As 2021 unfolds, government leaders face evolving challenges brought about by the pandemic and its aftermath. […]

A Master CIO in Government

To succeed and advance during this period of uncertainty government CIOs must become master CIOs. Change and challenges are not new to government CIOs — transient and inconsistent political leadership, financial austerity, and advancing citizen expectations, to name a few. But the disruptive start to 2020 has amplified these existing […]