The IT Roadmap for Data and Analytics

How do successful organizations leverage data and analytics to accelerate digital and drive growth? Agile data and analytics capabilities are essential to build sense-and-respond capabilities that enable digital innovation, differentiation, and growth. Agile data and analytics capabilities are essential to build sense-and-respond capabilities that enable digital innovation, differentiation, and growth.

Innovating Delivery Through Trust, Growth, and Change

Make Gartner Hype Cycle™ an essential tool to help your organization become one of the winners. Through 2026, the leading organizations will be those that create a solid and resilient business foundation to build new opportunities against a background of continued economic and strategic uncertainty. Many organizations require significant digital transformation to survive: Technology innovation […]

100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2024

Data and analytics leaders must consider these strategic planning assumptions for enhancing their vision and plans. The digital business future provides organizations with nearly unlimited possibilities to create business value. Increasingly, data and analytics have become a primary driver of business strategy, and the potential for data-driven business strategies and information products is greater than […]

3 Lessons From HighGrowth Companies to Build a Successful Product Strategy

Creating the product strategy is the most important job for most product managers, and building the product roadmap ranks among their top three tasks. Yet many product managers believe their product strategy is not strongly aligned with the business strategy. This disconnect can result in changes of direction or strategies becoming unactionable.

How to Build a Business Casefor Test Automation

Reducing testing costs is often the first thing organizations think about when they consider adopting test automation. After all, software testing is shockingly expensive; it accounts for an average of 23-35% of the overall IT spend, per the latest World Quality Report. Test automation frees humans to focus on more interesting and value-added tasks while […]

A Practical Guide to Continuous Performance Testing


You don’t need another thesis on the benefits of testing early and often. This guide is intended for performance engineers who get “why” to automate performance testing in CI/CD pipelines but need practical advice on “how.” This paper helps you get from theory to practice. Specifically, we offer guidance on laying the foundation for a […]

Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure

Turn app migration from a priority into a reality with the App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure. See what you gain from cloud migration, build your business case, evaluate your environment, and prepare your team with the necessary skills.In the toolkit, find resources to motivate and guide your migration journey from start […]

5 stories of creating better customer experiences through cloud migration

The recent surge in digital demand has made customer experience a key differentiator for businesses. According to Gartner, “75 percent of organizations are now able to show that customer satisfaction leads to revenue growth through increased customer retention or lifetime value.” ¹Read this e-book to learn how five leading organizations improved online customer experiences by […]

3 Fundamentals of Integrated IT Risk Management

Get your copy of the report to benchmark your program against results from AuditBoard’s 2021 IT Risk Survey and learn foundational best practices for embedding agile and continuous processes into your IT risk program. In today’s increasingly digitized, remote-savvy business world, effectively identifying and managing IT risk has never been more crucial for protecting and […]

SOC 2 Compliance and Best Practices

There are various types of SOC (System and Organization Controls) reports for service organizations, but one of the most sought-after certifications is SOC 2. Learn more about the benefits of obtaining SOC 2 certification, SOC 2 requirements and controls, and best practices for a successful SOC 2 audit — then use the checklist to ensure […]