Harmony Endpoint Solution

Harmony Endpoint is a complete endpoint security solution built to protect the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape. It prevents the most imminent threats to the endpoint such as ransomware, phishing or drive-by malware, while quickly minimizing breach impact with autonomous detection and response. This way, your organization gets all the endpoint protection it […]

Harmony – Highest Level of Security for Remote Users

The world as we know it has changed, and so has your business. In this new world, staying productive means staying connected. You must be able to work anywhere, with your mobile phone or laptop, and access any application. To defend against this expanding attack surface and increasingly sophisticated threat actors, you can keep adding […]

Pipeline Ransomware Attack: What We Know and How to Prepare

The largest fuel pipeline in the United States, Colonial Pipeline, halted operations because of a ransomware attack. The attack was carried out by the cybercriminal group DarkSide. Much of the pipeline remains offline, although the pipeline operator aims to restore service by the end of the week. What the Colonial Pipeline attack suggests about the […]


As we have seen, the domain of endpoint protection is one that is fraught with complexity and challenge. There have never been more endpoints to protect, and the techniques of cybercriminals have never been more sophisticated. By pulling together these powerful capabilities and taking this modernized approach to endpoint protection, security teams can be confident […]

Blueprint For Analytics Transformation In Finance

In the world of analytics, especially in finance departments, there are some common pitfalls. For instance, many teams spend time building custom solutions, deploying analytic products, or consuming analytic commodities or utilities — even when they already exist. Reinventing the wheel isn’t a good use of time and it’s a habit that needs to be […]